The 20th International Conference on Atomic Physics, ICAP 2006 was held from July 16 to 21, 2006 in the heart of the Alps – Innsbruck, Austria.
Following the tradition of ICAP, the Conference will present an outstanding program of invited speakers covering the most recent subjects in the field of atomic physics. There will also be poster sessions for contributed papers.
Topics include:

  • Atomic tests of fundamental physics
  • Laser spectroscopy, cooling and trapping
  • Chip traps for atoms, ions and molecules
  • Quantum optics and cavity QED with atoms
  • Bose-Einstein condensates
  • Fermi gases
  • Cold molecules
  • Atomic clocks
  • Attosecond physics with atoms
  • Atoms in optical lattices
  • Quantum information processing with atoms and ions
  • Artificial atoms

Invited Speakers include:

  • Claude Cohen-Tannoudji
  • Eric Cornell
  • John Doyle
  • Tilman Esslinger
  • Wolfgang Ketterle
  • Misha Lukin
  • Bill Phillips
  • Jakob Reichel
  • David Winelan
  • Jun Ye
  • …and others

A summer school will be held in Innsbruck the week preceding the ICAP 2006 conference, focusing on AMO physics at the advanced graduate level.

Confirmed teachers include:

  • Ignacio Cirac
  • Hanspeter Helm
  • Paul Julienne
  • Jeff Kimble
  • Wolfgang Ketterle.

The satellite workshop “Atomic Physics with Trapped Ions” will take place immediately after the meeting.